When I got my acceptance to the University of Maine I honestly didn’t know much about it. The drive for me is a little bit above 6 hours directly north. Taking 95 for about 3 hours, driving about an hour through maine, until we started to see glimpse of the ocean. I remember when I was coming up for orientation, it was starting to get dark around 6 o’clock pm during july.

When I saw the landscape of Portland, it caught me by surprise. This breath taking skyline came out of no where and I was intrigued. I could recall waking my mom up in the passengers seat asking if I went the wrong way. Since my time has started in this state, I have greatly enjoyed it. The beauty and awe of all that Maine has to offer. Whenever I pass that skyline I always take the extra look to reflect.

Its funny, because I never thought that one view of some buildings overlooking Casco Bay would relentlessly fill me with anticipation.

The sight is a segway for me, putting me on the edge of my seat because I know that what is soon to come will be and has been some of the best years of my life. That skyline has always put a warm sense of happiness in me, knowing that I’m on the way back to a new home.

Written by Ben Welton

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