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Draft 1 McKeon

Chapter 1 January 1, 2022 New years Eve was a Friday this year but I could use the money so I worked anyways. I clocked out of the office around 6:00 and went home to get ready. Everyone was going out tonight, my girlfriend Jennifer, my best friend Peter and his girlfriend Emily, a bunch… Read more »

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Evan Deschenes Draft 1

As my Draft 1 is finished I am more than 75% done with the drafting and of the story, I am just finishing off the ending and finding photography which will suit the story and give the reader a better idea of the story. The screenshots above show where my photography would fit within an… Read more »

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Draft 1 – Ben Welton

This is what I have completed for my project for “A Winter of Itself”. I am about 45% complete with the story line and interactions. I am so about 60% done with the video I am making. The story and video components really show the direction that I want my reader to go in. Below… Read more »

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Shannon Meserve – Draft 1

I have been debating on what to do with my music video idea for a couple weeks now. I plan on filming this weekend and having the rough cut complete by Tuesday. My original plot line was going to tell the story of a female couple going through the motions and effects of drug use…. Read more »

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Ben Woodbrey 50% project check in

I have the story laid out inside the game and have connected some NPC’s to their talking content. Each NPC takes about an hour to hand code and add into the game. This includes changing their expressions, the way they talk, the way they move and where they are inside the game. I have recorded… Read more »

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Adobe Slate

I found a cool program to make short stories in. I think it is only an ipad app but its a good resource.

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Kyle Fowlie Draft 1 (50%)

Milk Run Thesis On a dystopian, futuristic Earth a young boy is set on a seemingly simple task by his aging grandmother but is quickly forced to adapt or perish in a world he thought he knew. Setting Young Lucas and his grandmother are huddled in the 3rd story of a large apartment building, trying… Read more »

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Aidan Bauer Draft 1

This is my final project at the halfway stage. The game is mechanically complete up through part 2. The major development focus for the next two check-ins will be getting the game to a completely working state and generating visual and audio assets to replace the placeholder assets. I have posted the Unity project files… Read more »

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Marvin 50% Project

Below are some excerpts along with the layout so far. Along with finishing the main story line, I also hope to be able to add sketches and audio before completion.   Journal Entry 1.1 – EZQ-245 Mission Log – Al Herman, January 19,3045: This is my first entry into what I’m sure will be a… Read more »