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1. Weakness and Need – Tom’s weakness include mother nature and his sons health as that is the most important thing to him. His need is to survive, if not himself, to save his son – His other weaknesses are lack of food, water, and shelter, and their overall safety 2. Desire – Tom Hunter… Read more »

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Aidan Bauer – Seven Steps

Subject Step 1: Weakness and need The two main characters, Subject XII and the Watchman, have their own unique weaknesses and needs. Subject XII’s weaknesses stem from her being kept against her will as a lab rat for most of her life. At the start of the story, she harbors a deep hatred for all human… Read more »

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Seven Steps – Ben Welton

A Winter of Itself Step 1: Weakness and Need The Weakness and need are revolved around Charlie and Jack Bombay. They are the pair of brothers who moved away from each other after college. One to pursue a ski dream in northern New England, and one to pursue a financial goal in commercial street in… Read more »

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McKeon Seven Steps

1) Weakness: Calvin does not know what his happening to him or why its happening to him. Need: Calvin needs answers to whats happening to him and what happens when the updates reaches 100% 2 )Desire: He wants it all to go away, to live his life like everyone else. For the update to go… Read more »

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Zach Marvin – 7 Key Steps

Weakness and Need: Our main character, Al Herman is far too innocent and couldn’t fathom any sort of betrayal, especially from his own crew.   Desire: His biggest desire is making a good name for himself back at home and impressing his friends and relatives. Though they already look up to him, this is his first real… Read more »

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7 Steps_KevinBoucher

Where it all begins, where Nick was injected with something, or stabbed with something by homeless person. He was a curious boy and he was surprised when walking with his friends to get called into an alley. Not a very bright thing to do but he wanted to see what was going on and that… Read more »

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Ben Woodbrey – 7 key steps

1. Weakness + Need Arnold is weak. He goes to his ex-hit man retired brother who at first is very hesitant to help him out. After a bit of begging and pleading, Richard decides to look into it and see how deep his brother actually was. 2. Desire Once Richard got back into the swing… Read more »

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Kyle Fowlie – 7 Key Steps Excercise

Seven Key Steps Excercise   1.) Weakness, Need  and  Desire Weakness Lucas cannot head the advice of those he does not respect. Need Lucas needs to survive in the world by himself and discover how fortunate his life actually was. He also needs to learn honor and value in a corrupted world. Desire Lucas wants to… Read more »

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Seven Step Exercise

A story has a minimum of seven steps in its growth from beginning to end: Weakness and need Desire Opponent Plan Battle Self-revelation New equilibrium The seven steps are not arbitrarily imposed from without, the way a mechanical story structure such as three-act structure is. They exist in the story. These seven steps are the… Read more »