Residing in Maine has given me the chance to observe beauty in a variety of forms. Black waves quietly rising until the triumphant crash breaks the water into a burst of white foam and salty rain. Tall mountains that always promise an adventurous day of flying down a trail. Harbor-side towns that are immersed in unique shops, food and culture. It is easy to call this place home.

I remember the first time I traveled to Camden for the Camden International Film Festival. I was reminded of my home in Southern Maine, being back on the coast. But I was greeted with something unfamiliar. The weekend of CIFF welcomed me with a whirlwind of artistic and astounding films. There was something magical about all of us swaying from one old theater to the next, sitting in silence together and experiencing these cinematic journeys side by side. There was good food, there were historic cobble stone streets, and there was a yearning to learn and absorb art in my favorite medium. Maine can bestow you with white sails, vast mountains to climb, and crisp lakes to dip your toes in. But above all of these, visit Maine for the art culture. There’s nothing like it.


Written by shannonmeserve

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