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This photo of my families vacation home in western Maine encompasses my entire childhood around this house. I was born and raised in Massachusetts but ever since I can remember taking trip to our home in Lovell was close the most exciting thing we could do. Whenever I stumble across a new friend that has never been to the epic state of Maine I truly take a lot of gratitude in bringing them to his serene town deep the in the mountains. With a population of only 1000 people it is without a doubt the best location to soak in some fresh air, bright sunshine and always rewarding views from the nearby hiking spots.


The house is set on quiet piece of land despite the fact is lays directly on Route 5. In the summer the trees are vibrant with their green colors as the entire forest shifts into color as fall comes along. While many people look to the coast in Maine for the beautiful rocky ocean ┬áthe lakes almost remain a hidden mystery.With Kezar lake minutes down the street this amazing lake is what lays in my memory as the epitome of Maine. Our home in maine has been a place to build memories my entire life and with Rosie’s diner right across the street complete with┬ábreakfast, lunch, take-out pizza, and 12-packs of Coors Light, its safe to say it is very easy to reach a simple state of happiness in this quiet nook in western Maine.


Written by evandeschenes

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