My Home Town


I grew up all the way up north where Acadian culture is everywhere and Frenglish is a language.  I lived right next to the Canadian border so most of my family are Canadians and we went to Canada for a lot of things. It was like having a city that we didn’t live in but could visit anytime we wanted. I loved living in good old Madawaska because I had places I could feel like I was completely lost in the woods when only being a few steps away from being back in civilization. The peaceful walks to clear my head with nothing to interrupt me, with not many people around the trails are usually empty. The small town with forests surrounding it, was a perfect place to have plenty of fun and it made me hate cities and even now I don’t really want to live in one. This also was brought up because my family never traveled because everything in Maine is so distant but I’m not complaining, I loved my quiet little town. Traffic is never angering and everyone knows everyone so there are no mistakes. My best memories consist of going into the woods or biking around town with my siblings. Whether I was alone or not, nothing beat an escape from reality with a long walk in what seemed like the wilderness. This photo is a reminder of that part of my childhood, the beauty of being lost in the woods, even though I never got lost.

The lake was also one of my favorite places even though I didn’t enjoy it as much back then as I do now, it’s where I had the most fun during summer. Going to my memere’s camp with my family, sitting in front of the lake and just relaxing. Even if it was just to cut the lawn we’d bring hot dogs and cook them on the grill then make a fire and just enjoy the night. Nothing could beat relaxing at the lake with family until it got really late. It was even better when my cousins were there and we would pay little games or paddle out to the middle of long Lake. It was endless fun though it’s rare now that everyone is going their own ways I’ll never forget the good times we’ve had.

A lot of my childhood was spent in the woods and though there are plenty of other places that stick out, but the woods was the most memorable and could mean more then just what it shows. My entire childhood was in this small-unknown town up north that is shrinking every day. As I move on and explore my state more I see just how small and desolate it actually is. It makes me proud to say where I’m from because of the Canadian border and the fact that no one has heard of it. With every great memory I have form my home makes me glade that I’m not from any other place, so I didn’t miss out. Most people would find it boring but I truly found the great things in one of the least known places. No one really goes that far up north anymore so it’s a peacefully paradise, a place full of memories and a great home.

Written by KevinBoucher

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