I knew that one day I would end up going on a boat. When you live down east, and are a male of the age 13+, chances are you will end up lobster fishing for at least a little of your life. While actually filming a documentary (shameless plug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h7kudY5ocQ) the crew of the boat ended up asking me to work. Now, I’ve done some manual labor before, but I have never worked so hard as I did on that boat for 2 days.

When you are out on the boat, traveling from spot to spot, everything is a well timed oiled machine that happens over and over again. Everyone on the boat knows their job, knows where they need to be at every exact minute and what they are suppose to be doing. It’s almost surreal how fluid the days go. You are out at sea for almost 15-16 hours and it was honestly some of the shortest work days I’ve had.

Theres a special feeling, being out on the ocean, respecting it and understanding it. No technology, just the boat and your traps. I can honestly say it was the most rewarding money I’ve ever earned.

Written by benwoodbrey